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FlowT is established by flow measurement professionals with more than 20 years of experience in flow measurement and flow standards, 10 years of which have been in the ultrasonic flow measurement field.

Hot Products

    • Ultrasonic Fluid Flow Meter

      Ultrasonic Fluid Flow Meter

      F t101 is a wall-mount,clamp- on type ultrasonic flowmeter which use the transfer time technology. Clamp on type ultrasonic flowmeter is easy to install and no need to cut off the pipe, that saves you lots of troubles and cost. At the same time FT101 has our unique calculate software to ensure...

    • Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Specially Designed For Water

      Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Specially Designed For Water

      Ft201 is a transit time ultrasonic flow meter specially for water. It is designed using FPGA chip and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission. Both Clamp on type sensors and Insertion type sensors are available. A 240*128 back lit LCD with 4 line menu display and the clear, user-friendly menu selections make ultrasonic flow meter Ft201 more simple and convenient to use.