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FlowT is established by flow measurement professionals with more than 20 years of experience in flow measurement and flow standards, 10 years of which have been in the ultrasonic flow measurement field.

Hot Products

    • Non Intrusive Flow Meter

      Non Intrusive Flow Meter

      FT101 fixed ultrasonic flowmeter, which is based on the TGA time measurement algorithm we independently developed. TGA measurement technology greatly promoted SWU901 ultrasonic flowmeter sampling rate, measuring rate can be greater than 300 times per second, compared with other products, the tolerance rate of bubble within tube diameter has the very big promotion. Highest can survive for five seconds of continuous bubble increased.

    • Water Measurement

      Water Measurement

      This product is a wall-mount, clamp- on type ultrasonic flow meter which uses the transfer time technology. Clamp on type ultrasonic flow meter is easy to install and no need to cut off the pipe that saves you lots of troubles and cost. At the same time this ultrasonic flow meter has our unique calculate software to ensure the high accuracy and low velocity response. This ultrasonic flow meter widely application in oil industry, water treatment, pure water, chemical and etc. The flow meter could add the RTD model and temperature sensor become an energy meter to monitoring the energy use, help to save the energy.