Insertion Type Mag Flow Meter

Insertion Type Mag Flow Meter

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GF400 Insertion electromagnetic flow meter is composed of insertion electromagnetic sensor and electromagnetic flow converter, used to measure the conductive liquid that electrical conductivity is greater than 5 us/cm , it is used to measure the water, sewage, acid, alkali and other medium. Suitable for measuring the large pipe of diameter DN300~DN3000mm,. Installation can be divided into a online installation type of the cut-off valve and water control installation type without stop valves.




♦ Simple structure, no moving parts, long service life.

♦ Don't need lining, don't need ground ring, small volume, light weight, convenient installation.

 Insertion electromagnetic flow meter with stop valves can realize the installation, dis-assembly, easy maintenance and maintenance when continuous streams.


♦ Flow measurement is only related to insert depth, so with the feature of wide commonality, strong interchangeability. A model can be applicable to all kinds of pipe flow measurement requirements.

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