The characteristics of multichannel ultrasonic flowmeter

- Jan 14, 2021-

Compared with the single channel ultrasonic flowmeter, the multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter has a number of sensors on the flow section when measuring the flow.

And its product features are as follows:

1. High accuracy measurement.

2. It has good performance in low flow rate.

3. Both symmetrical and asymmetric flow distribution can be measured.

4. Very small measurement error.

5. Its measurement is not affected by fluid pulsation with fast measurement period.

6.  On-line uninterrupted flow installation under pressure and maintenance technology.

7. Directional measurement.

8. Large measuring range(0.02m/s~20m/s)

9. Wide nominal diameter range(DN25~DN15000mm)

10. Just need very short upstream and downstream straight pipe section(upstream5D, downstream2D)

11. No pressure loss

12. On-line calibration technique

13. Intelligent self-diagnosis technology

14. Redundant technology

15. Its transducer has reliable performance. And its service life is generally greater than 10 years.