The Cleaning methods for electromagnetic flowmeter

- Jan 08, 2021-

Electromagnetic flowmeters apply the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is  an instrument which is based on the conductive fluid through the external magnetic field induced electromotive force to measure the conductive fluid flow.

Because of its high measurement accuracy, stable performance, long working time, it can be used in various industries.

Electromagnetic flowmeters are used in many applications to measure media such as viscous or sludge. The two measuring electrodes of the electromagnetic flowmeter are easily covered. There will be errors in the measurement. So the electromagnetic flowmeter needs to be cleaned regularly.

1. Ultrasonic cleaning method

The ultrasonic voltage generated by the ultrasonic generator is applied to the electrode. Then the ultrasonic energy is concentrated on the contact surface between the electrode and the medium. We can achieve the purpose of cleaning by using the ability of ultrasonic to break the dirt.

2. Mechanical cleaning method

The method is to install a special mechanical structure on the electrode to achieve electrode removal. Generally, we use the mechanical scraper. The scraper can be scraped manually or automatically with a motor-driven thin shaft.

3. Electrical breakdown cleaning method

This method uses AC high voltage to periodically add between the electrode and the medium, generally add 30~100V.

As the electrode is attached, its surface contact resistance increases and the applied voltage is almost concentrated on the attachment. The high voltage will break down the attachment which will be washed away by the fluid.