Common Use Problems of Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

- Jan 22, 2021-

Nowadays, ultrasonic flowmeters have been widely used in the measurement field. It has the advantages of simple and convenient installation, no mechanical loss and long service life. So it is very popular in the market, especially the portable ultrasonic flowmeter.

Compared with other meters, portable ultrasonic flowmeter is simply clamp on the tube to realize measuring the flow. Therefore, it has great application potential in the heating industry.

In order to use portable ultrasonic flowmeter better, We summarized its common usage problems as the following:

1. The flow meter reads erratically.

SolutionMove the flow sensor away from the oscillating source or put it on the upstream of the flow device.

2. The reading of the flowmeter is not accurate.

SolutionAdjust the installation position of the sensor.

3. When the control valve is closed or down, the reading of the flow meter increases.

SolutionPosition sensor away from control valve. Keep the sensor at least 30D or 50D away from the control valve.