Do you know how to choose the electromagnetic flowmeter

- Dec 01, 2020-

Firstly Let's understand what is an electromagnetic flowmeter?

It applies the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of instrument to measure the flow rate of conductive fluid according to the electromotive force induced when the conductive fluid passes through the external magnetic field.

Electromagnetic flowmeter generally includes the following parts:

1. Coil: it is the magnetic field generating device of flowmeter, which is mainly used to generate excitation magnetic field.

2. Lining: It is the part of the flowmeter that contacts the medium, which mainly plays the role of insulation and corrosion protection of the electrode.

3. Electrode: It is the sensitive element of the flow meter, which is mainly used to sense the electromotive force of the magnetic line of induction when the fluid is cut.

4. The ontology of carbon steel structure and the header.

         How to choose the right electromagnetic flowmeter? The main problem is to choose the proper diameter, electrode and lining according to the corrosiveness, temperature and some special properties of the medium.