Do you know how to choose the measuring point of the ultrasonic flowmeter

- Dec 21, 2020-

The installation of the ultrasonic flowmeter is the easiest and fastest of all the flowmeter installations. You just need to select a proper measuring point firstly, then input the pipe parameters into the flowmeter, and attach the probe of the flowmeter to the pipe finally.

In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the measuring point should be selected in the pipe segment with uniform fluid distribution.

The selection points are as follows.

1. Select a fluid-filled pipe segment, such as a fluid-filled horizontal pipe segment.

2. Select uniform straight pipe segments within 10 diameters of the upstream and 5 diameters of the downstream, without any devices that interfer with the flow field such as valves and bends.

3. Make sure the temperature at the measuring point is within the working range.

4. Select the pipe segments without scaling for measurement as far as possible.

5. Select a pipe segment whose material is uniform and that is  easy to transmit ultrasonic waves.