Do You Know the Vortex Street Flowmeter

- Apr 06, 2021-

Vortex street flowmeter is a new flowmeter developed successfully based on the Karman Vortex Street principle. It's a gold period with rapid development for the Vortex street flowmeter from 1970s to the 1980s.

A lot of different types of resistance and detection vortex flow meters have been developed and put on the market in large numbers. 

At the peak of development, China's vortex street flowmeter manufacturers have reached dozens. In general, vortex street flow meter is still a developing product. Because the vortex street flowmeter has its unique advantages that other flowmeters can not have, the proportion of its use increases greatly. And it has been widely used in various fields.

The vortex street flowmeter will play a leading role in the future flow meter industry. And it is also an ideal alternative product to orifice flowmeters.