Do you know what affect the signals of electromagnetic flowmeters

- Jan 15, 2021-

Due to the influence of many aspects on site and outside, the small flow generated by an electromagnetic flowmeter is also known as a small signal. This situation shows that the flow is too small and the measurement is inaccurate.

So why do electromagnetic flowmeters produce small signals

1. The flowmeter is disturbed by the magnetic field.

When the flow meter has external vibration or large magnetic field interference, there is no medium flow, external vibration and other signals act on the sensor. A "false traffic" signal is introduced, this signal also be accumulated.

2. It's the problem of electrodes.

When a layer of insulation is glued to the surface of the electrode, the mA signals emitted by external interference or electrode will drift during the process of amplification and conversion.

3. The condition in which magnetic field lines produce an erroneous signal.

When the pump stops working, a small amount of liquid will flow back in the pipeline, the magnetic field lines of the flowmeter are cut in reverse, producing small signals.

Because the flow meter will still accumulate these small signals, resulting in a large error.