The Features of the Vortex Street Flowmeter

- Apr 07, 2021-

The vortex street flowmeter has many features as the following:

1. Its structure is very easy and firm. And it has no moving parts. Its long-term operation is very reliable.

2. Its maintenance is very less and convenient. And its installation cost is low.

3. Its output pulse is proportional to the flow rate. It has no zero drift and has high accuracy. And it’s convenient to network with the computer.

4. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for flow measurement of all kinds of gases, vapors and liquids.

5. It has a wide flow measurement range with a range ratio of 1:10.

6. Small pressure loss, low operating cost, more energy saving significance.

7. Within a certain Reynolds number range, its output signal frequency is not affected by the change of fluid physical properties. Instrumentation coefficient is only related to the shape and size of the vortex generator, and no compensation is required for the volume flow of the measured fluid.