The notes of installation of clamp-on sensor

- Dec 02, 2020-

1. You must use an angle grinder to clean the pipe area where the sensor is to be installed so that it exposes the original surface of the metal.

2. The shielding line of the signal cable at the sensor end can be suspended and not connected. Please do not short circuit with the red and black lines.

3. After the sensor is connected, it must be filled with sealant (couplant) to prevent water from entering.

4. After the sensor is filled with sealant and the cover is closed, the signal cable inlet hole must be tightened to prevent water from entering.

5. The stainless steel belt should be fixed at the center of the sensor to make it evenly stressed and not easy to slide.

6. Apply enough couplant around the contact part of the sensor and the pipe, it can prevent air, dust and rust from entering and does not affect the ultrasonic signal transmission.