Why is the Vortex Flow Meter more Suitable for Measuring the Steam Flow

- Mar 30, 2021-

Steam is the most widely used carrying heat medium. And it’s a important secondary energy source. It is widely used in the electricity, melting, steel, automobile, textile printing, chemical fiber, food and medicine and other fields.

As an important energy source in various industries, it is great significant for enterprises to save energy and improve economic benefits with the accurate measuring  steam flow rate.

The steam has two kinds which are saturated steam and superheated steam with the impact of temperature and pressure. The measurement of steam flow rate is greatly effected by the steam density. Therefore, the temperature and pressure compensation is required when measuring the steam flow rate.

Nowadays, there are two main flow meters used in the steam measurement. They are Vortex Flow Meter and Differential Pressure Flow Meter. The Differential pressure flow meter has many defects, such as large pressure loss, mass maintenance task and low accuracy grade and so on. So the Vortex flow meter is more suitable for measuring the steam flow with its more advantages.