Analysis And Solution Of Malfunction In Turbine Flowmeter Head Display

- Apr 13, 2020-

Turbine flow meter is a flow meter with very accurate measurement. Its working principle is that the signal generated by the measured flow body in the turbine is transmitted to the meter head amplification calculation unit, and the flow data is finally converted.Its normal operation depends not only on the process of the meter system, but also on the stable operation of the electronic chip and integrated circuit in the meter head.Single turbine flowmeter is especially suitable for measuring ingredients, pure liquid, the precision is high, the calculation of many times is used for measuring link, turbine flowmeter in the production practice often header display abnormal situation, its reason is various, this article is the analysis and discussion about this kind of problem, share with you here, in the hope that the use of the user to provide ideas and methods to resolve the problem:

1. Fault analysis of turbine flowmeter head and its solution

The turbine flowmeter head shows the instantaneous flow and pressure are normal, and the temperature is not consistent with the working site temperature

1. The indicated temperature is "-75c" or over "100".

The temperature sensor is damaged.Replaceable sensor.

2. If the temperature indication exceeds or is lower than the actual temperature in the field, the phenomenon will remain after the sensor is replaced.

Temperature voltage circuit is damaged.Replaceable thermovoltage circuit.

Turbine flowmeter head is not displayed

1. The flowmeter has no 24V power supply or battery power supply.Supply 24V power to the flow meter or replace the flow meter battery.

2. The liquid crystal panel of the flowmeter is damaged.Replace the liquid crystal panel of the flowmeter.

3. The main board of the flowmeter is damaged.Replace the mainboard of the flowmeter.

4. Power connection is wrong or broken.Find and rewire.

3. Turbine flowmeter head temperature and instantaneous flow are displayed, and the pressure is inconsistent with the actual working pressure indication

1. If the indicated value of pressure is "80" or "upper limit of pressure" of the flowmeter (upper limit can be found in the reference table of the flowmeter selection).

One is a new external pressure sensor, see whether the meter head shows the local atmospheric pressure, if the display of the local atmospheric pressure, the original sensor is damaged.Replaceable pressure sensor.Second is the external half of the new pressure sensor, if the meter head display is still "80", it proves that the mainboard of the flow meter is bad.The mainboard of the flowmeter can be replaced.

2. The pressure indication value is basically a certain value (the field working pressure varies greatly, and the meter head of the flowmeter shows no change or little change).

One is the pressure sensor pressure hole jam.Can clean the pressure hole.Second, the pressure sensor linear calibration curve is bad.Pressure sensors can be replaced or recalibrated.

Iv. Turbine flow meter head shows normal temperature and pressure, no instantaneous flow shows

1. If the flowmeter selection is too large, it will cause no flow display.One is to lower the cut-off frequency of the lower limit of the flowmeter (so that the flowmeter can be used, but the accuracy of the flowmeter will be reduced).The second is to replace the small specifications of the flow meter.

2. No current input for preamplifier.The flowmeter has no power supply, 24V external power supply or battery power supply.

3. The preamplifier has no frequency output.Replaceable preamplifier.

4. Main precession vortex flow meter plate is damaged.The mainboard of the flowmeter can be replaced