Application Of Ultrasonic Technology In Household Energy Meter

- Mar 09, 2020-

In air conditioning measurement, some items adopt ultrasonic energy scale.Ultrasonic energy meter is to measure the time difference of ultrasonic wave propagation in the hot medium (sound wave propagation in the fluid, the velocity of sound wave propagation in the direction of the current will increase, the direction of the countercurrent will decrease, the same propagation distance has different propagation time).The relation between the velocity difference and the velocity of the measured body is used to calculate the velocity and then the flow rate is derived.Since there are no moving parts in the measuring chamber, there are no strict requirements on the composition or impurity content of the medium.

Therefore, in terms of cycle cost, reliability and accuracy, ultrasonic energy scale is better than mechanical energy scale.However, before 2000, due to the price, the mechanical energy scale was still dominant in the field of household energy scale.Now, as the defects of mechanical energy meters are recognized, they have been largely eliminated.