Cause Of Vortex Flow Meter Failure

- Jan 16, 2021-

Vortex flowmeter is also called Karman vortex flowmeter. It is a very commonly used flow meter.

The use of any instrument requires routine maintenance and maintenance.

Vortex flow meters that run stably for a long time may fail during operation.

There are four reasons for the malfunction as the following:

1. Failure of detecting components and electronic components;

After a long period of operation, some electronic components may reach the life period and failure, resulting in instrument failure.

2. The influence of impurities in the medium.

After a long period of time, impurities in the fluid attach and deposit on the inner wall of the measuring tube, measuring element or instrument converter, thereby changing their dimensional parameters. This situation greatly reduces the sensitivity of the detection element, the signal amplitude is also reduced, the measuring error of the instrument also increases.

3. Lightning damage;

In the thunderstorm season,  in the site the flowmeter is easily damaged by lightning damage.

4. Environmental impacts.

Prolonged erosion by corrosive gases or moisture will cause the insulation resistance of the test element to decrease. This weakens the transmission signal of the flowmeter and causes errors.