Coriolis - The Almost Perfect Flow Meter

- Oct 30, 2019-

 Coriolis mass flow meter technology is the only commercially available technology that can measure true mass flow for our product streams. Coriolis is the most accurate of the industrial process flow metering technologies. It has no moving mechanical parts to wear out, so its theoretical lifespan is almost infinite. One limitation of Coriolis technology is size - flow meters above a nominal three or four inches become exceedingly large and commensurately expensive. For manufacturers in the area of "specialty chemicals" this is not a concern, as process pipelines in excess of four inches are uncommon. Coriolis technology had some initial teething problems, many of which have been effectively resolved by the vendors over the years. Sensitivity to building and pipeline vibration (both mechanical and hydraulic) initially created significant problems for the technology. The development of dual-tube and other technology advancements have effectively solved this problem. Price has always been an issue for Coriolis mass flow meters - it was a premium technology with a premium price. Several vendors have recently introduced low cost yet high performance Coriolis meters, effectively dealing with this issue.