Fault Handling Of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

- Mar 23, 2020-

1. No signal

Ultrasonic flow meter has no signal, generally because the transducer is not effectively connected to the main engine.The connection needs to be reconnected during processing.The loss of signal may also be due to the generation of power pollution, which must be cleaned to solve the problem.In addition to the above reasons, the transducer position changes will also affect the signal, which needs to be adjusted.

2. The instantaneous flow is greater than the actual value

The fault is usually caused by the fault of sound wedge of transducer, so it is necessary to replace the transducer.

3. The instantaneous flow rate fluctuates greatly

The main reason for the failure is that the fluid is disturbed, which leads to the instability of its flow state, or the main engine fails to set the damping coefficient to the specified range, so that the value is too small.When dealing with such faults, the position of the transducer can be adjusted first.Secondly, we need to increase the damping coefficient.

4, instantaneous and cumulative flow is different

The main reason for this kind of failure is generally the problem of the host, which needs to be solved by replacing the host