Flow Meter Unit With Water-tight Casing

- Apr 16, 2019-

The unit comprises two ultrasound transducers 206, a circuit board 202 with an electronic circuit 204 arranged for operating the ultrasound transducers 206, and a common protection membrane 132, such as a sheet of metal, for protecting the transducers 206. The common protection membrane 132 forms part of a water-tight casing, such as an IP68 class casing. The two ultrasound transducers 206 and the circuit board 202 with the electronic circuit 204 are positioned within the water-tight casing and thus protected against damaging humidity. A glass sealed feed-through 128 can be used to provide external electrical contact to the electronic circuit 204, i.e. for outputting an electric flow rate signal. Such flow meter unit is highly versatile within many applications since it provides a compact and robust unit. The unit can be used with or integrated in many types of devices, e.g. flow meters, such as used in consumption meters for charging purposes or in many other industrial or home