How Should Electromagnetic Flow Meter Be Maintained

- Apr 26, 2020-

Sewage electromagnetic flow meter is a new type of flow measuring instrument developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology in 1950s ~ 1960s.Electromagnetic flow meter is an instrument that measures the flow rate of conductive fluid according to the electromotive force induced by the conductive fluid when it passes through the applied magnetic field based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

How to ensure the normal operation of the electromagnetic flow meter, maintenance of this link is essential.Enterprises can do a comprehensive inspection of the electromagnetic flow meter every year.The inspection contents are: appearance inspection, converter characteristic test, measurement value calibration, measuring voltage of each part, measuring insulation resistance, confirming circuit, etc.

Due to zero drift, zero adjustment is very important (" online zero adjustment "must make the measured medium stop flowing, which is not easy to do in practice).Therefore, the on-line inspection often omits the inspection that contains the operation of the sensor, and only carries out the calibration of the converter, so as to determine whether the instrument is continued to be used, repaired or updated by comparing the on-line inspection results with the historical data, and whether the sensor is updated or not depends on the degree of deterioration of the insulation resistance of the excitation coil measured.The presence of abnormal phenomena in electromagnetic flow meter is verified by on-line inspection.

How should electromagnetic flow meter be maintained

Can't stop medium flow of pipeline inspection flow sensor and converter respectively, with analog signals and other common instrument testing converter has higher calibration accuracy (depending on the analog signal accuracy), sensor examination is to test the electric liquid resistance, including check the excitation coil excitation connecting cable and copper resistance and insulation resistance and check, the excitation current converter output check the indirect methods, such as magnetic field intensity.For pipelines capable of stopping the flow condition of the medium, the inlet hole can be entered from the preset position near the sensor to check the electrical and lining fouling/deposition status and clean.