How To Install Ultrasonic BTU Meter

- Jun 28, 2020-

Good selection of the site for the system components will help the installers with the initial installation, reduce start-up problems, and make future maintenance easier.


The Main Unit


Find an easily accessible location where wire connections are available and meter readings can be taken from floor level and mount the system enclosure on a vibration-free surface.

Avoid locations such as heat exchanger or any housing that may contain electric motors or other strong sources of electrical interference.


The Ultrasonic Flow Meter


When properly installed, the flow meter will only measure flow associated with that portion of the piping system for which the energy measurement is being made. The first condition for ultrasonic flow meter is the pipe must be full of liquid, the bubbles will greatly influence the accuracy of the measurement, please avoid the follow installation position:

The Sensors


If possible, find an easily accessible location where wire connections can be made from floor level. This will facilitate any future service. Place the sensors away from strong sources of electrical noise that might affect the performance of the sensors.