Knowledge Of Oil Flow Meter

- Jun 17, 2020-

Oil flow meter is also called a fuel oil flow meter. Reliable and Accurate oil flow measurement is important for industrial Oil and Gas system. Such as crude oil, natural gas, liquid natural gas, coal, diesel, and fuel.


There are many suppliers offers digital and mechanical oil flow meters for inline oil flow measurement. And different flow sensors can be used properly for the measurement of different oil. Positive displacement flow meters are the most wide used type. Magnetic, ultrasonic, turbine and mass flow meters also have their own characteristics. Like, Pressure and temperature range, output signal.


Differential pressure flow meters are also increasingly widely used oil flow meters. Because these advanced differential pressure flow meters have provided a level of performance once thought unachievable in real-world environments.


Ultrasonic oil flow meters are non-invasive because they use sound waves to measure. It offers moderate accuracy. Ultrasonic technology may work well for lubrication oil processes because they have no moving parts, wide ranges, and generally minimal pressure drops and maintenance. Clamp-on ultrasonic oil flow meters dont make contact with the product, reducing the risk of contamination or leakage. However,  ultrasonic provides easy installation.