Matters Needing Attention For Installation Of External Clamping Ultrasonic Flowmeter

- Mar 16, 2020-

Whether fixed or portable pipe parameter input Settings must be correct and consistent with the actual, or the flow meter can not work properly.When installing the external clamping sensor, use more coupling agent to paste the sensor on the pipe wall. While viewing the signal strength and signal quality values displayed by the host, slowly move the sensor near the installation point until the strongest signal and the maximum signal quality value are received.The larger the pipe diameter, the greater the range of sensor movement.Then confirm whether the installation distance is consistent with the sensor installation distance given by M25 and whether the sensor is installed on the same straight line of the pipe axis.

If the signal strength with the words always 0.00 meter didn't receive ultrasonic signals, check the parameters (including all parameters related to the pipeline) is input correctly, choice of sensor installation method is correct, and probe is in the pipeline with no the horizontal axial Angle, and the pipe and guarantee between the probe and the pipe joint has enough coupling agent, whether near the valve Angle too, pay special attention to rolled steel pipe, because such irregular pipe will seriously affect the measurement.If not for these reasons, or can not receive the signal, have to change to another measurement point to try, or choose to plug in the sensor.Confirm whether the flow meter works normally and reliably: the greater the signal strength and the higher the signal quality Q value, the higher the reliability of the flow value displayed, and the more reliable the flow meter can work for a long time.If the environmental electromagnetic interference is too large or the receiving signal is too low, the reliability of the displayed flow value is low and the deviation value is large.

Practice shows that the fixed way of Z installed transducer ultrasonic signal intensity is high, the measured signal stability is better than the portable ultrasonic flowmeter, the basic of measure error within the scope of the permit, the portable ultrasonic flowmeter after several adjustments to replace measurement point there is no guarantee that the numerical stability of a larger error, the measured values, the deflection reliability is low.