Measuring Characteristics And Applicable Scope Of Roots Flow Meter

- Apr 07, 2020-

1. High degree of accuracy and good frequency.The external rotor by full and fine processing and balance detection, no tamper, good oil, ensure the accuracy of the flow meter is unchanged, long service life.

2, before and after the flow meter is not important straight pipe section, or installed in a narrow environment.

3. Small initial flow, wide range ratio, suitable for gas flow with large metering load variation

4, measurement accuracy is not affected by pressure and flow changes, stable performance, long life.

5, general good, all the roots flow sensor can be applied to the general accessories.

6, the configuration of rs-485 communication interface and the specific use of the signal set device, can be through the process of GPRS/CDMA, Internet, mobile phone Internet to constitute the long-distance data including and monitoring trivial, convenient data convergence and real-time plan.

7, the circuit adopts the table paste installation process, the mechanism cluster, anti-disturbance means is strong, high reliability.

8, the adoption of high-performance microprocessors and modern digital filtering technology means, software compliance powerful, high reliability.

9. Adopt floating point arithmetic and active modification of five-section instrument coefficient, and have the performance of dissuading self-diagnosis and alarm.

10, micro power high-tech technology, internal and external power supply work, low power consumption of the whole machine.

11, on the spot to reflect the flow value, and with a variety of signal signal output listen.

12, the adoption of a high degree of liquid crystal exposure device, can display the standard cumulative flow rate, the standard volume flow rate, the working condition volume flow rate per cent, medium temperature, pressure value and battery capacity per cent, and with a Chinese revealer.

13, with timely data storage dead guard, can prevent the replacement of batteries or sudden loss of power data loss, in the form of power failure, external parameters can be eternal life.

14, instrument have explosion-proof abide by, explosion-proof marks for Exia CT4.

15. The protection class of the flow meter casing is IP65.

2. Scope of application of roots flow meter

1. Roots flow meter is an instrument for accurate measurement of gas flow. Based on the principle of volumetric measurement, it is used to accurately measure the total amount of gas flowing through the closed pipe.The base type of flow meter is composed of two parts: waist rotation sensor and flow integrator (secondary table).

2. Roots flow meter is suitable for measuring non-corrosive gases such as artificial gas, urban gas, propane, nitrogen, household inert gas, etc.

3. Roots flow meter should be used primarily

Gas commercial settlement in catering, hotel and other industries, gas metering in transmission and distribution network, gas metering at gas regulating stations, gas metering in fortune and civil boilers, etc., can also be used as standard flow meters