Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

- Mar 16, 2020-

In recent years, with the rapid development of new technologies in China and the country's efforts to increase energy conservation and emission reduction, our company has also followed the pace of absorbing and applying new technologies, among which ultrasonic flow meter has been widely used in the measurement of heating pipelines.Ultrasonic flow meter is easy to install, simple and convenient, no mechanical loss, long life and other advantages, especially portable ultrasonic flow meter is easy to install, just attached to the probe outside the tube to measure the flow.Therefore, does not need too much handling of the pipes (local descaling station except paint), to the pipeline airtight no pressure loss, compared to other online instrument, without broken tube processing, without any disturbed flow equipment, rotating equipment, mechanical without reducing orifice, drainage, etc., easy installation, the leakage hidden trouble, there is great potential applications in the heating industry.

After the actual use of portable ultrasonic flow meter for the heating pipe network flow regulation data measurement has a certain reference effectiveness, its value under different environment installation and debugging than the fixed flow meter measurement data error is greater, mainly because the measured value table error.But its value has certain regularity, if want to exert its efficiency should be combined with the site conditions, one is the scene has a stationary flow meter table should do a good job in prophase collect and record the data flow mutation occurs, use the portable ultrasonic flow meter for nuclear school than data in time, find out the reason of this flow of mutation is clear instrument malfunction or flow is changed;Second, for the temporary measuring point of the use of the non-stationary flow meter to try to meet the field equipment measurement and installation requirements, as far as possible to reduce the human factor interference, the installation of transducer is the main key factor affecting the measurement accuracy, so the field application should be adjusted according to the environment to ensure a good location, installation, measurement accuracy.The use effect of the portable ultrasonic flow meter depends on the judgment and analysis of the operator combined with the field situation, which requires the accumulation of man-machine cooperation experience