The elliptical gear flow meter

- Apr 26, 2020-

The elliptical gear flow meter is a precise instrument for measuring liquid flow.The series direct reading accumulative meter is a volumetric flow meter that measures the total liquid flow through the pipeline.The product selects two kinds of counting mechanisms: mechanical display head and electronic display head. The display head has the functions of cumulative flow, instantaneous flow and zero return, which can realize the field display and remote transmission control.

Instructions for use of elliptic gear flow meter

For different measuring media (acid, alkali, organic liquid, oil, food, etc.), the flow meter can choose different materials (cast steel, stainless steel and 316) manufacturing, suitable for chemical, petroleum, medicine, electricity, metallurgy and food industry sectors flow metering work.The flow meter with sending function can be matched with the company's series flow integrator and other instruments to facilitate centralized detection, output standard signals, automatic control and data processing, and can be directly connected to the computer network.

1. Features of elliptic gear flow meter:

The flow measurement is independent of the flow state of the fluid, because the ellipse gear flow meter is based on the pressure of the measured medium to push the ellipse gear to rotate.

The greater the viscosity of the medium, the smaller the leakage from the gear and metering gap leakage, so the greater the viscosity of the measurement medium, the smaller the leakage error, the more beneficial to the measurement.

The flow meter has high metering accuracy and is suitable for the measurement of the flow rate of high viscosity media, but it is not suitable for the fluid containing solid particles (the solid particles will jam the gear so that the flow rate cannot be measured).If there is gas in the measured liquid medium, it will also cause measurement errors, so it is recommended to install filters in the front section of the flow meter of elliptic gear.

2. Installation of elliptic gear flow meter:

The flow meter should be cleaned before installation.If the liquid contains solid particles, a filter must be installed on the upstream of the pipe.Exhaust devices should be installed if gas is present.

The flow meter does not have certain requirements for straight pipe sections.It can be installed horizontally or vertically.When installed, the rotation axis of the elliptic gear of the flow meter should be parallel to the ground.