The Advantages Of Clamp On Type Sensors Of Ultrasonic Flow Meters

- Jun 04, 2020-

There is a wide diversity of flow meters and each type has their advantages and disadvantages. Most flow meters are inserted within the flow, often via spool pieces, to ensure the best flow through the meter itself.

Both Clamp on type sensors and Insertion type sensors are available in the selection of ultrasonic flow meters. Sometimes it can be inconvenient to integrate a flow meter within a pipe. In such occasion, Ultrasonic flow meters of Clamp on type sensors are more recommended.

Clamp on type sensors is easier to install. The largest benefit of any ultrasonic flow meter of Clamp on type is the ease-of-installation. While still strictly requiring suitable installation site of the measurement location, the process does not require shutting the system down to install, making maintenance and upkeep of transit-time meters much more attractive. Secondly, it needs low maintenance. There are no blades to wear out or bearings to replace as in turbine meters, nor are there electrodes that can foul over time as in magnetic flow meters.

This installation method is perfect for all situations in which neither cutting the pipes nor the shutting down of the process is impossible. These externally applied flow meters dont suffer any mechanical wear and tear. They dont cause the pressure to drop, and they can be used for bidirectional measurements. These types of transducers can be mounted on the exterior the pipes. In most situations, the exterior installation works very well.