The Advantages Of Ultrasonic Flowmeter(1)

- Jun 08, 2020-

With the fast development of ultrasonic measurement technology, it has become one of the most effective and accurate ways to monitor flow movement.


So what the most essential part we should know about ultrasonic flowmeter and its technology?  Definitely, it should be the benefits of ultrasonic flowmeter.

At first, it measure flow rate using ultrasound and the transfer time technology, by detecting the time an ultrasonic pulse takes to reach one transducer from another.


Ultrasonic flowmeter provides greater speed of response. With measurement update rates of up to1kHz, ultrasonic flow sensor provides an immediate and accurate response to flow rate variations.


And it measures bi-directional flow. Ultrasonic technology is able to measure flow rates moving in either direction to achieve a clear representation of the total flow being measured. The fast speed of measurement means that the instrument maintains stronger analytical ability, which can significantly improve the reliability and stability of measurement.


Meanwhile, solid-state meter has minimal effect on the flow path. Ultrasonic flowmeter is designed with no moving mechanical parts so there is minimal interference to the flow path, resulting in higher accuracy data collection.