The Advantages Of Ultrasonic Flowmeter(2)

- Jun 10, 2020-

Besides its technology, the speed of response, the measurement of bi-directional flow and the affect of solid-state meterthere are other benefits of ultrasonic flowmeter as listed below.


Ultrasonic flowmeter monitors multiple parameters. Unlike other types of sensor, ultrasonic technology can measure transient and steady flow, flow direction, temperature, cumulative dosage and also speed of sound. And some of ultrasonic flowmeter like the ultrasonic flowmeter "FT101"and "FT201" of FlowT, could add the RTD model and temperature sensor become an energy meter to monitoring the energy use, help to save the energy.


At the same time, ultrasonic flowmeter achieves higher accuracy compared to other flow measurement devices in harsh environment applications. The high- quality of ultrasonic transducers and signal processing help the meters deliver highly accurate data outputs, even in the presence of heavy vibration.


Furthermore, digital signals will not drift. Without internal moving parts to wear or drift, the accuracy of the meters are maintained, reducing re-calibration and replacement parts costs.


And it is corrosion resistant and compatible with most fluid types. With no moving parts and the use of inert materials in their construction, ultrasonic meters are highly resistant to corrosion and can be used to measure most fluid types (depending on the sensor) including fuel, oil, diesel and gas. So it is easy to maintain because of non-contact measurement.