The Development History Of Pressure Transmitter

- Jul 27, 2017-

The development of pressure transmitters has undergone four stages:

(1) The early pressure transmitter adopts the large displacement working principle, such as the mercury float type differential pressure gauge and the membrane box type differential pressure transmitter, these transmitter precision is low and bulky.

(2) The the 1950s has a slightly higher precision force balance differential pressure transmitter, but the feedback force is small, the structure is complex, reliability, stability and vibration resistance are poor.

(3) In the mid 1970s, with the emergence of new technology, materials, new technologies, especially the rapid development of electronic technology, the emergence of small size, simple structure of the displacement transmitter.

(4) The rapid development of science and technology in the 1990s, transmitter measurement accuracy and gradually to the intelligent development, digital signal transmission is more conducive to data acquisition, the proliferation of Silicon piezoresistive transmitter, capacitive transmitter, differential inductance type transmitter and ceramic capacitor type transmitter, and other different types.