The Instrument And Meter Industry Needs To Strengthen Independent Research And Development To Resist Imports

- Mar 03, 2021-

Nowadays, some of the domestic low and medium grade instrument products have scale advantages and international market competitiveness, such as the common digital multi-meter or household watt hour meter. However, domestic high-end instruments almost all rely on imports.

At present, most of the domestic instrument enterprises are not independent research and development in technology. Because the R&D and production of a new technology or a new product´╝îenterprises need to put in a quite large capital. Some firms are reluctant to invest money, so they adopt foreign technology. As a result, the professional technology of domestic instrument industry is backward. Finally, foreign new products and new technology monopolized the domestic instrument industry.

The domestic instrument industry has been applied in the traditional service market, such as metallurgy, thermal power and other industries. With the rapid change of market demand, more and more new industries begin to rise. Such as the Internet of Things, the smart grid. The demand of food, drug safety and other fields is also highly concerned, and the state has put forward stricter requirements for comprehensive utilization of energy and environmental protection.  

With the development of economy and technology, the requirement of automatic control and detection technology is getting higher and higher. Now there are a large number of new technologies and products of automatic control and detection in the market, such as safety instrument system, wireless sensor network and so on. In these new technologies and new products, the gap between domestic enterprises and foreign countries is relatively large.