The Method Of Objection Processing Of The Measured Data In The Use Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

- Apr 07, 2020-

As a kind of precise electronic measuring equipment, electromagnetic flow meter has high requirements for environment and installation, which requires professional installation personnel to make appropriate choices according to the use of the field.In spite of this, after the electromagnetic flow meter and put into production, because of the instrument itself and the changes of environment and measurement conditions, can cause electromagnetic flow meter the measured results and the difference in the real situation of the actual, so operators need to according to the different objection to make a comparison of measured data, and for objection conditions make corresponding treatment methods, to maximum improve the stability of the instrument accuracy and work.1. Due to the difficulty in the verification of electromagnetic flow meter in use, the state has promulgated jjg1033-2007 "electromagnetic flow meter verification regulation", which does not stipulate the allowable errors in online detection.Since the accuracy level of the electromagnetic flow meter is higher than that of the ultrasonic flow meter, the online comparison of the electromagnetic flow meter with the ultrasonic flow meter can only be used as a preliminary judgment and reference for the data error value of the detection comparison, and the detection data cannot be used as a verification conclusion to determine whether the electromagnetic flow meter is qualified or unqualified.2. When the measurement data of the electromagnetic flow meter is found to be different, the general practice of the company is to use the portable ultrasonic flow meter to compare the online detection of the electromagnetic flow meter.After the ultrasonic flow meter with accuracy level of 0.5% is selected and verified by the national legal institution, the buyer and the seller jointly conduct on-site comparison on the electromagnetic flow meter of water into and out of the factory, select different flow points, and conduct multi-group tests for many times to obtain different measurement deviations, and then correct the deviation of water supply.In addition, when users have objections to the measurement data of the electromagnetic flow meter, we also employ a third-party qualified testing institution according to the water supply contract to conduct online testing of the electromagnetic flow meter in trade settlement with users. Both parties shall jointly undertake the online testing according to the testing report and results of the third-party testing institution.