​Turbine Flowmeter And Gear Flowmeter

- Apr 20, 2020-

1. Different measurement principles: the liquid turbine flowmeter is a velocity flowmeter, with the accuracy of 0.5%, which can be improved to 0.2%.The surface material is generally stainless steel.According to the site requirements, it can be made into explosion-proof products.The elliptic gear flowmeter is a volumetric flowmeter with an accuracy of 0.5%. It is a purely mechanical mechanism. When the flowmeter rotor rotates, it drives the rotation of the counter to generate the cumulative total.This kind of flowmeter is especially popular in the field of high explosion-proof requirement.

2. Requirements for working pressure: the working pressure of the elliptical gear flowmeter is generally not large, which is 1.6mpa. It is made of cast steel and can reach 2.5mpa.The pressure of high-pressure turbine flowmeter can reach more than 25Mpa.Requirements for low working pressure: the turbine flowmeter has no great requirements for low working pressure in the pipeline, and it can be measured with the flow of medium basically.The elliptic gear flowmeter has higher requirements for small working pressure.Because of the different diameters, the pressure required to push the rotor to work is different.The small working pressure required from small diameter to large diameter is between 0.3~ 0.8mpa.

3. Influence of operating temperature: the high operating temperature of turbine flowmeter is 120, and the high operating temperature of elliptic gear flowmeter is 160.

4, the difference of the applicable medium: water, solvent, light oil and so on can be well applied to the liquid turbine flow meter, viscosity is too large medium is not applicable.The elliptic gear flowmeter is generally applicable to oil media, applicable to the medium viscosity is higher than the turbine flowmeter, and the greater the medium viscosity, the higher the accuracy.For some corrosive media, both meters can be partially measured.However, the stainless steel elliptical gear flowmeter is not cost-effective, and for water and some electrolyte solutions, the elliptical gear flowmeter can not be used.Because the internal mechanical parts are vulnerable to water damage.

5. Requirements for installation site: as a volumetric flowmeter, the elliptic gear flowmeter has relatively low requirements for the straight pipe section before and after, and basically no requirements for the straight pipe section.The turbine flowmeter, as a velocity flowmeter, has high requirements on the front and rear straight pipe sections. In particular, some small-diameter turbine flowmeters must have a corresponding straight pipe section.

6. Difference of display: the mechanical head of the elliptic gear flowmeter shows the accumulative quantity. To display the instantaneous flow rate, it is necessary to output the signal.Compared with turbine flow meter, it can display instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow rate on site, and it can also output signals with far transmission.

7. Accuracy maintenance: the accuracy of turbine flowmeter and ellipse gear flowmeter cannot be maintained for a long time. In order to maintain the accuracy of the flowmeter, periodic calibration is required.