Ultrasonic Flow Meter Installation Environment Will Have Some Requirements

- Oct 11, 2017-

The Ultrasonic Flow Meter is widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and drainage, etc. by measuring the effect of fluid flow on the ultrasonic beam (or ultrasonic pulse) to measure the flow rate. Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter for the installation environment will have some requirements, today we have to specifically introduce the installation requirements of ultrasonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter, measurement quality center hope to help everyone.

Temperature temperature

Under normal circumstances, Ming Yu-controlled ultrasonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter installation of the ambient temperature should be -20 ° C ~ 55 ° C range, when the installation environment temperature exceeds the above range, the flow meter should be taken to heat, frost measures, Field flow meter should also take rain, sun protection measures.


The installation of the Ultrasonic Flow Meter should avoid the location where there is a strong mechanical vibration, especially to avoid the environment in which the components of the Ultrasonic Flow Meter signal processing unit, ultrasonic transducer, flow measuring tube and so on are vibrating.

3. Electromagnetic or electronic interference

Ultrasonic Flow Meter and Ultrasonic Flow Meter-related wire installation should try to avoid the existence of a strong electromagnetic or electronic interference environment, otherwise it is necessary to carry out the necessary protection of the flow meter.

The Ultrasonic Flow Meter signal cable should be avoided in parallel with the power supply cable, and the shielded signal cable should be used.

4. Acoustic noise interference

Ultrasonic Flow Meter installation should try to avoid close to the noise source, the installation should take the necessary measures to eliminate the interference of environmental acoustic noise.

The installation of the ultrasonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter is the easiest and most convenient for all Ultrasonic Flow Meter installations. Simply select a suitable measuring point, enter the piping parameters at the measuring point into the Ultrasonic Flow Meter, and then fix the probe on the pipe.

In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, select the measurement point when the choice of fluid flow field cloth uniform part, generally should follow the following principles:

1. Choose a fluid-filled material that is homogeneous and easy to transmit, such as vertical pipe (fluid upwards) or horizontal pipe.

2. Installation distance should be selected upstream of more than 10 times the diameter, downstream than 5 times straight pipe diameter without any valves, elbows, adjustable and other straight pipe, the installation point should be far away from the valve, pump, Inverter and other sources of interference.

3. Avoid installation at the highest point of the piping system or on a vertical pipe with free outlet

4. For open or semi-full pipe, the Ultrasonic Flow Meter should be installed in the U-pipe section

5. Fully consider the pipe wall fouling situation, try to choose no fouling of the pipe section to measure. It can not be met, the need to consider the fouling in order to better measurement accuracy.

6. Make sure that the temperature and pressure at the measuring point are within the sensor's operating range.

7. The two sensors must be installed in the horizontal direction of the pipe axis and are installed within ± 45 ° of the horizontal position of the shaft to prevent the upper part from dissipating the pipe, and the bubble or the lower part has the effect of precipitation. If the installation site space can not be installed horizontally symmetrically, it is possible to install the sensor vertically or inclinately under the condition that there is no bubble in the tube.

8. Select the pipe is evenly packed, easy to ultrasonic transmission of the pipe.