Ultrasonic Flow Meter Maintenance And Troubleshooting

- Mar 23, 2020-

For the ultrasonic flow meter, the general interval of 6~12 months can be maintained once, the specific time needs to be determined in combination with the actual situation.

1. Check zero flow

If the liquid in the pipeline is in a static state, and there is no strong vibration and magnetic field interference nearby, then the meter head will show 0. During the operation, the small signal should be cut off. Generally, the flow rate will be cut off automatically when the full flow rate is less than 5%.

2. Instrument setting

Before starting the operation of the instrument, the relevant parameters should be set, including: unit system, pipe diameter, fluid type, etc.Must ensure that all parameters are accurately input, the instrument can show the specific flow value.

3. Regular calibration

In order to ensure that the accuracy of the flow meter meets the specified requirements, it is necessary to do the calibration work regularly. Generally, the portable flow meter can be used for comparative analysis, and then the measured data can be combined to complete the calculation. The results can meet the requirements.

4. Regular maintenance

For the external sticking ultrasonic flow meter, there is generally no water leakage, water pressure loss and other problems after installation, just need to check the transducer regularly to ensure that it is not loose, and the plug-in flow meter needs to effectively clean the scale or other impurities on its probe.For the integrated flow meter, in addition to check its connection with the pipe flange, also need to control the site of humidity, temperature and other factors, to prevent adverse effects on electronic components.