Ultrasonic Flow Meters With BUT Measurement System

- Jun 24, 2020-

BTU Measurement System is used to measure individual energy consumption in any liquid heating/cooling systems. This system is also used to measure the performance of the energy-saving system or the loss of efficiency which is directly tied to the loss of revenue.

BTU Meter is supplied complete with flow meter and temperature probes.


It real-time detects the temperature of supply and return pipe and monitors the instantaneous flow rate according to the Heat Exchange of Thermodynamics principle.


Nowadays, ultrasonic flow meters like Ft201 of FlowT, also totalize flow daily monthly and yearly is also normal. Parallel operation of positive, negative and net flow totalizes with scale factor (span) and BTU Capacity. While the output of totalize pulse and frequency output are transmitted via relay and open collector.


FT201 could add the RTD model and temperature sensor become an energy meter to monitoring the energy use, help to save the energy.


Ft201 automatically integrates energy consumption and transfers it into data. The consumption volume can be checked by a tenant or operator with no worries. It provides real-time information such as instantaneous flow rate, energy consumption, and others.