Vortex Flow Meter Simple And Firm Structure, Easy Installation And Maintenance

- Oct 25, 2017-

Vortex Flow Meter is mainly used in the flow measurement of industrial pipeline medium fluid, such as gas, liquid, vapor and other mediums. The characteristic is that the pressure loss is small, the range is large, the precision is high, and the flow density, pressure, temperature, viscosity and so on are almost not affected by the measurement of the volume flux. No movable mechanical parts, so the reliability is high and maintenance capacity is small. The instrument parameter can be stable for a long time. The instrument adopts piezoelectric stress sensor, which is reliable and can work within the working temperature range of -20℃~+250℃. There are analog standard signals, digital pulse signal output, easy to use with computer and other digital systems, is a relatively advanced, ideal flow meter.

Mainly include: ① instructions for a long period of time, ② always no indication; ③ indicates wide fluctuations, unable to read, ④ indication not to return 0, ⑤ small flow without indication, ⑧ large flow indicator can also be, small flow indication is not allowed, ⑦ flow changes when the indication change not to follow, ⑧ instrument K coefficient can not be determined, many data are inconsistent.

The analysis and solution of these problems cost Jiangsu Su ke Instrument co., Ltd. All comrades of the technical department for nearly half a year, because of the complexity of the problem, from the installation of juice, parameter tuning, day-to-day maintenance, operating environment, there are different degrees of problems, many problems with each other, coupled with some problems to be solved to wait for a certain process operation time, So it brings great difficulty to solve the problem. Some problems are caused by several different reasons, and some of them are related to different problems.

Vortex Flow Meter is based on the principle that the fluid vibration frequency has a corresponding relation with the velocity. Since the late 1960s, we have developed the Vortex Flow Meter with many types of resistance fluid and detection method, and it has been widely used in the pipeline flow measurement. Vortex Flow Meter is so favored, and its characteristics are inseparable.

It outputs the frequency signal proportional to the flow rate, and the frequency signal is not affected by the fluid component, density, pressure and temperature.

The range is wide, the accuracy is upper-middle level, no movable parts, high reliability;

Simple and firm structure, easy installation and maintenance, low maintenance fee;

Wide range of applications, applicable to liquids, gases and vapors.

Considerations for installation of Vortex Flow Meter

The choice of installation mode of Vortex Flow Meter The Vortex Flow Meter can be installed on a horizontal pipe or on a vertical pipe. Because Vortex Flow Meter is a kind of velocity flowmeter, to achieve accurate measurement, we must pay attention to ensure full tube measurement, so the installation of Vortex Flow Meter in the horizontal pipeline, generally choose to install in the lowest point of the pipeline, installed in the vertical pipe, the flow of fluid should be bottom-up.

Vortex Flow Meter Straight section requires that the installation of Vortex Flow Meter is very demanding for the straight pipe sections, flowmeter upstream to ensure that there are 10D ~ 35D straight pipe (d for pipe diameter), flowmeter downstream straight pipe should not be less than 5 D, upstream straight pipe length short-sighted upstream has no right angle curved, expansion tube, shrink diameter tube. In particular, in the case of straight pipe sections to meet the requirements, the flowmeter should be as far as possible to choose the installation in front and back straight pipe section as large as possible, so as to ensure that the flow meter on the downstream of the flow caused by turbulence will not affect the accuracy of flowmeter measurement.

The choice of installation position of Vortex Flow Meter (1) The strong vibration of the pipeline will have a certain effect on the measurement of Vortex Flow Meter, so when choosing the installation position of Vortex Flow Meter, it should avoid installing in the piping with strong vibration, so as to avoid affecting the measurement precision. Damping measures must be taken when the pipe is vibrating. (2) The existence of power frequency jamming signal will have a great effect on the measurement of Vortex Flow Meter, and the frequency signal will be superimposed to the measurement signal. So Vortex Flow Meter as far as possible to avoid the installation of high-power motor and other existing environment, in this environment, must take good instrument grounding, select shielded cable, signal transmission mode using DC signal and other measures to eliminate power frequency interference. (3) Vortex Flow Meter vortex flow of the face must be facing the flow of fluid direction, installation should pay special attention, otherwise it will produce very large deviations. (4) in the Vortex Flow Meter with flow regulation system, Vortex Flow Meter even if the requirements of the straight pipe, must be installed in the regulator before the valve. Otherwise the control valve produced by the jet will have an impact on the Vortex Flow Meter measurement, will appear valve opening small, the flow is increasing