What We Should Know About The Calibration Of Flowmeter?

- Jul 10, 2020-

1Use Accurate Testing Equipment

First, make sure that the testing equipment is up to standard, which means that before starting to use a standard to test flow meter's measurements, it's necessary to test the standard and document the results. This will help to maintain a high degree of accuracy when checking the precision of flow meter's measurements.


2Test the Testing Equipment

In addition to comparing the standard's accuracy to that of an already known standard, make sure that its measurements are sufficiently accurate. In some cases, the accuracy requirement can be different based on the specific type of calibration.


3Ensure Typical Environment

Making clear that how flow meter is operating on a daily basis, it should be tested under conditions that are as similar as possible to its typical environment. Factors such as heat, density and rate of movement can affect operation and result; thus, for optimal testing accuracy, these should also be similar to the regular operating environment.


4Consistent Flow

When testing, it is important to keep the flow rate steady. In a typical testing scenario, a real-time comparison between the flow rate of the meter and the testing standard should be made. Or variations in system flow can lead to imprecise results and suboptimal calibration.