Why Calibrate Flowmeters?

- Jul 08, 2020-

 A flow meter measures the rate that fluid or gas moves through it. Test and measurement professionals use them in a wide variety of applications where accurate flow measurements are critical, such as HVAC, energy and utilities, water management, aerospace, agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry.


In applications like these, it's important to calibrate the flow meters that make the measurements. Regular calibrations can assure that the flow meter's measurements are as accurate as their specifications say they are.


Even the most rugged flow meters can fall out of calibration. All instruments' performance degrades over time; parts wear out or break. Flow meters can be affected by corrosion or dirt within the media that flows through them. They may also be damaged by impact, variations in the process, or by improper installation.


Calibration of flow meters optimizes meters for measurement of flow, guaranteeing that the uncertainty between the true and the read measurement is as minimal as possible. This way, the risk of errors in measurements is minimized.