Working Principle Of Ultrasonic Flowmeter

- Feb 25, 2020-

Ultrasonic flowmeter consists of ultrasonic transducer, electronic circuit, flow display and accumulation system.Ultrasonic transmitting transducer converts electric energy into ultrasonic energy, and transmits it to the measured fluid. The ultrasonic signal received by the receiver is amplified by electronic circuit and converted into the electrical signal representing the flow to supply display and integrator for display and calculation. In this way, the flow detection and display are realized.Piezoelectric transducer is commonly used in ultrasonic flowmeter. It uses the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric materials, and uses the appropriate transmitting circuit to add the electric energy to the piezoelectric elements of the transmitting transducer, so as to generate ultrasonic vibration. The ultrasonic wave is transmitted into the fluid at a certain angle, then received by the receiving transducer, and transformed into electric energy through the piezoelectric element for detection. The transmitting transducer uses the converse piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric element, while the receiving transducer uses the piezoelectric effect.