Flow Meter Calibration

Flow Meter Calibration

FT101 is an industry flow meter which has the high accuracy 0.5% of reading and good performance in the very low velocity. It has no liquid limitations on all clean liquids, widely application in oil industry, water treatment, pure water, diesel oil, chemical, sea water and etc. BTU capacity is an option. The most important part is, The master board and calculate software is all R&D by ourselves. That means we could fully support customize project. TGA is our independent R&D technical, which based on the well known TDC calculate software. But TGA has higher speedy, higher accuracy performance on the measure the real time. We use a 700,000 gate array FPGA to satisfied the requirement and make sure the performance of this complicated TGA calculate software, so ensure the high accuracy and low velocity response. TGA technical greatly improved the rate of sampling. FT101 ultrasonic flow meter rate of sampling is greater than 300 times per second.
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Product Details

Comparing With other traditional flow meter or ultrasonic flow meter, the Flow meter features advantages:

1. With ARM COMA chip, low power consumption, high reliability, anti-jamming and outstanding benefits.

2. User-friendly menu designed. Parameters of pipe range, pipe material, pipe wall thickness, output signals, etc can be conveniently entered via the windows. British and Metric measurement units are available.

3. Daily, monthly and yearly totalized flow: Totalized flow for the last 64 days and months as well as for the  last 6 years are may be viewed. power on/off function allows the viewing of time and flow rate as power is switched on and off 64 times. Also, the flow meter has manual or automatic amendment during offline sessions.

4. With the SD Card, 512 files can be stored; the time interval can be within 1 second.

5. Parallel operation of positive, negative and net flow totalizer with scale factor and 7 digit display. Internally configured batch controller makes batch control convenient.

The flow meter ensures the higher resolution and wider measuring range by the 0.04ns high resolution, high linearity and high stability time measuring circuit and 32 bits digits processing program.

Our ultrasonic flow meter manufacturing standard is comply with China CJ128-2007 ultrasonic heat meter industry standard and have the ISO certificate and CE certificate. We have a 5 points calibration for each flow meter, so the calibration certificate is the STD  document for the flow meter. And we also do high temperature aging work, each of the electronic will have a 55 deg.C, 72 hours high temperature aging work before the calibration. Our calibration results meet the technical requirements of JJG1030-2007.