Flow Meter Ultrasonic

Flow Meter Ultrasonic

FT201 is especially designed for the water measurement, this accuracy is 1% of reading, have both clamp on version and insertion version for different pipe size and customer requirement, BTU capacity is an option. Also with an unexpensive price, it has great competitiveness in the water treatment market. The most important part is, the master board and calculate software is all R&D by ourselves. That means we could do fully support and customization project.
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Product Details

  • We insistuse the automation equipment to detect the quality of our product.

  • Experiencedand trained well QC team.

  • Every flowmeter will go through 72 hours, 55 ℃(131℉)hightemperature aging work before delivery.

  • Every flowmeter will go through the fully function test before delivery.

  • Every flowmeter will have a five points flow rate calibration and an unique calibrationreport.