Ultrasonic Flow Meter Accuracy

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Accuracy

FT101 is an industry flow meter which has the high accuracy 0.5% of reading and good performance in the very low velocity. It has no liquid limitations on all clean liquids, widely application in oil industry, water treatment, pure water, diesel oil, chemical, sea water and etc. BTU capacity is an option. FT201 is especially designed for the water measurement, this accuracy is 1% of reading, have both clamp on version and insertion version for different pipe size and customer requirement, BTU capacity is an option. Also with an unexpensive price, it has great competitiveness in the water treatment market.
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Product Details

1,At standard temperature, the maximum temperature of sensor can reach 130°C, at high temperature sensor, also can reach 150°C. Most of the companies, the temperature of their sensors only reach 80°C, it means that when the temperature is above 80°C, the cost will be increase fiveflod. So when your standard temperature is 80°C-130°C, our sensor will be the best choose, not only can save cost but also convenient.

2,  We have a pair of sensor cover all the pipe size, it's not necessary to divide the large, medium and small type sensor according to the pipe size.

3,We are the only company in China to do ultrasonic flow meter with the accuracy is 0.5% of reading. TGA is our independent R&D technical, which based on the well known TDC calculate software. But TGA has higher speedy, higher accuracy performance on the measure the real time. We use a 400,000 gate array FPGA to satisfied the requirement and make sure the performance of this complicated TGA calculate software. TGA technical greatly improved the rate of sampling. FT101 ultrasonic flow meter rate of sampling is greater than 300 times per second. For our sensor, delta time between the up and down stream transducer﹤2 nanoseconds, to help sure we measure the real time. So this ensure the accuracy of FT101 ultrasonic flow meter can reach 0.5% of reading and good performance in the very velocity, and that explain FT201 accuracy can achieve 1% of reading.

4,For FT101 ultrasonic flow meter, the biggest pipe we did in the past is DN2000 for clamp on in Mexico and DN3600 with insertion sensor in China mainland. For 201 clam on type ultrasonic flow meter, the bigger pipe size is DN1200.

5,The insertion type sensor don't need to interrupt the flow of water and is not affected by the pressure.

6,Our sensor cables are Double shielded cable.

7,We have a 5 points calibration for each flow meter, so the calibration certificate is the STD  document for the flow meter. And we also do high temperature aging work, each of the electronic will have a 55 deg.C, 72 hours high temperature aging work before the calibration.

8,The max cement lining we did before is 18mm.

9,  The initial velocity can reach 0.03m/s.

10,Most of the company, they buy the electronic master board from the same company, or buy the measuring master board do the exploitation based on it, which we called “secondary development technology”. As we know that, application is ever-changing, this company many limited because they don’t have the key technology. Our master board and calculate software is all R&D by ourselves, we have key technical, So applications and version customization are optional. Menu drivers and user interface design are friendly and easy to operate and you can refer the user manual.