Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

Q&A 1. The unit shows both LCD display, flow rate and totalizer Yes. 2. Diagnostic for signal strength and signal qualitys : Yes . 3. Velocity range +/-10 m/sec : Yes or no (please specify ours) Yes, FT101 is +/-12 m/sec 4. Accuracy of reading : FT101 is +/-0.5 % 5. Repeatability FT101 is...
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Flowt(Company Picture)

We are the manufacturer of the ultrasonic flow meter. Our ultrasonic flow meter technical team is the Lead technical team of ultrasonic flow meters in China, we are the solution company and did lots of solution for the ultrasonic factory. 


Do you sell OEM device can be branded as our brand?

Yes, we have OEM service.

Cable length? 

The cable length max could be 274m

With built-in data logger ?

Yes, SD card inside 8G

Totalizer can record up to 999,9999 m3 ?


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