Ultrasonic Meter

Ultrasonic Meter

Wall- mount, clamp -on type ultrasonic flow meter which uses the transfer time technology.
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Product Details

We FlõwT are the manufacture of the ultrasonic flow meter which has more than 20 years of  experience in flow measurement and  flow standands, engaged in ultrasonic flow measurement field for 10 years. Our ultrasonic  flow meter are 100% tested in our calibration system. We are the original technology team for SIERRIA instrument in ultrasonic, and we also off ultrasonic for AZBIL. We also joined the national aerospace project and Air force project.

FlowT has two different level product, FT101 and FT201.

FT101 is an industry flow meter which has the high accuracy 0.5% and pipe size is DN25 to DN5000. It has no liquid limitations on all clean liquids, widely application in oil industry, water treatment, pure water, diesel oil, chemical, sea water and etc.

FT201 is the economic type, accuracy is 1%. It’s especially designed for the water measurement and pipe side range is DN25 to DN1200, it has great competitiveness in the water treatment market.  

Our flow meter have both clamp on version and insertion version for different pipe size and customer requirement. BTU capacity is an option. The most important part is, We are different from other brands of ultrasonic flow meters in China, the master board and calculate software is all independent  R&D. That means we could fully support customize project. TGA is our independent R&D technical, which is based on the well known TDC calculate software, rate of sampling is greater than 300 times per second, so ensure the high accuracy and low velocity. Hope this helps you.