Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meter

when the ultrasonic signal is transmitted through the flowing liquid, there will be a difference between the upstream ABD downstream transit time(Ttravel time or time of flight),which is proportional to flow velocity.
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  1. water, sewage with low particle content and seawater;

  2. water supply and drainage water;

  3. power plants nuclear power plant, thermal and hydropower plants, heat energy,boiler feed water and energy management system;

  4. metallurgy and mining applications cooling water and acid recovery, for example;

  5. petroleum and chemicals;

  6. food, beverage and pharmaceutical;

  7. marine operation and maintenance;

  8. energy economy supervisor and water conservation management;

  9. pulp and paper;

  10. pipeline leak detection;

  11. regular inspection,tracking and collection;

  12. energy measuring and balance;

    network monitoring systems and energy / flow computer management.