Water Measurement Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Water Measurement Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Traditional flow metering devices for pipes like orifice or venturi meters obstruct the flow causing a measurable pressure drop thereby affecting the flowrate & its measurement. Consequently, non-intrusive and non-invasive measurement devices are becoming increasingly popular as they do not generate any pressure losses. The clamp-on transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter is one such device which requires no pipe work and never comes in contact with the liquid, and therefore causes no contamination or pressure drop in the liquid being measured. Transit-time flowmeters are based on the time difference between upstream and downstream sound propagation intervals. This approach provides good accuracy (±1-2%), and works well for clean flow or flow with minor particles. The applications of these flowmeters include pure water, sea water, wash water, sewage, process liquids, oils, chemicals, and any homogeneous liquids which are capable of ultrasonic wave propagation.
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Product Details

The demo video is our two type ultrasonic flow meter work on pipe of DN32, this clamp-on type sensors, which could easily install sensor outside of any pipes. And we have indication mark on each sensors the direction of flow. When the ultrasonic single is transmitted through the flowing liquid, there will be a difference between the upstream and the downstream transit time ( travel time or time of flight ), which is proportional to flow velocity.

The ultrasonic flow meter is a fixed or portable, clamp-on flow meter that is easy to install, accurate, and simple to use. which is equipped with intelligent software to ensure high accuracy and low velocity response. The flow meter has the ability to be a fixed unit or portable unit. The ultrasonic flow meter is widely used in applications such as oil and gas, water treatment, pure water, chemical, and much more.


Agriculture, Chemical & Petrochemical, Environmental Water & Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Iron, Steel & Metal, Minerals & Mining, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Pulp & Paper, Renewable Energy.


User Friendly: Smart, high-resolution LCD backlit screen 

Maximum Accuracy: Specifically calibrated for customer’s application

Maintenance-Free: Transmitter electronics completely isolated from process

Lowest Installed Cost: Clamps to the outside of the pipe – no cutting or installing in pipe required