Oil flow meter

Oil flow meter

Ft101 is a wall-mount, clamp- on type ultrasonic flowmeter which use the transfer time technology. Clamp on type ultrasonic flowmeter is easy to install and no need to cut off the pipe, that saves you lots of troubles and cost. At the same time FT101 has our unique calculate software to ensure the high accuracy and low velocity response. Ft101 could add the RTD model and temperature sensor become an energy meter to monitoring the energy use, help to save the energy.
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Product Details

            FT101 transfer time ultrasonic flow meter


Wall mount, transducers time ultrasonic flow Meter. Use our independent technical TGA calculate Software.

What’s TGA? TGA is our independent R&D technical, which based on the well known TDC calculate software. But TGA has higher speedy, higher  accuracy performance on the measure the real time. We use a 400,000 gate array FPGA to satisfied the requirement and make sure the performance of this complicated TGA calculate software .


TGA technical greatly improved the rate of sampling. FT101 ultrasonic flow meter rate of sampling is greater than 300 times per second. Compared with other ultrasonic flow meter, it has better bearing performance when face

the bubbles. The maximum tolerable is 5 seconds of continuous air bubbles. Increase the single strength. The increase of signal strength is more easy to penetrate for various kinds of scale, rust inside the pipe and inner lining. The maximum tolerable cement inner is 18mm. With the enhanced transducers, the biggest clamp on type transducers we used in field is DN2000mm.

Transfer time technology.

Clampon type and wetted type sensor  both available, easy to install.Both clamp on

and wetted transducer could install without  cutting off the running water.

Highly accurate (0.5%) and repeatable(0.15%) flow measurement.

SDcard, RS485, 4-20mA

BTU (Energy meter) capacity

Competitive price

Ultrasonicflow meter use to measure the single medium, such as the pure water, cooling water, water, chemical, oil, milk, etc.Because clamp on type sensor install don’t need to break the pipe, so it widely use in the application which hard to cut off water, or use to measure the strongacid and alkaline liquid because it not need to touch  the liquid.We have the ability to customization

depend on  the environment, especially the pipe size under DN25