High Temp Insertion Vortex Flow Meter Transmitter Fit for Steam Measurement

High temp insertion vortex flow meter transmitter fit for steam measurement VF10L inline type thermal mass flow meter is an instrument that uses heat conduction theory to measure fluid flow. This instrument adopts method of differential constant temperature to accurately measure gas mass flow....
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Product Details

LF serial digital steam vortex flow meter is a flow meter operating with Karman Vortex Street principle for flow rate of steams (saturated steam, superheated steam, etc.). It could be used in automatic control system as flow transmitter. The product adopted advanced differential technique, together with measurement of isolating, shielding and filtering, it had possesses better anti-vibration performance and signal stability. 





1. Without movable parts and adopt simple structure, it is very easy to install and maintain the product.

2. Sensor output is with pulse signal, there is a linear relation between frequency of the signal and actual flow rate of the medium. The product is with stable performance and no zero drifting, offering pipe and insertion sensor type options.

3. Wide measurement range, the highest range ratio could reach to 20:1

4. Low pressure loss and consumption.

5. Measure components will not contact with medium, which helped the product to maintain stable performance and long service life.

6. Assemble with anti-interference circuit and anti-vibration sensors, which could ensure anti-vibration performance of the product.



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